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7 Finger Robot

"The device, worn around one’s wrist, works essentially like two extra fingers adjacent to the pinky and thumb. The robot, which the researchers have dubbed "supernumerary robotic fingers," or "SR fingers," consists of actuators linked together to exert forces as strong as those of human fingers during a grasping motion."

Robot tech, YES.

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When Swedish architect Karin Matz discovered a small space in Stockholm, which for over 30 years had been used for furniture storage, she was instantly inspired to transform [the 36 sq m (387 sq ft) space] into a multipurpose tiny home.

Using pine-plywood Matz based the design of the kitchen and bed area on an IKEA unit. Glass panels are used to separate the kitchen/bed/wardrobe spaces from each other and roller curtains have been fitted to the ceiling, allowing the kitchen and/or the sleeping quarters to be closed off from the living area.

Palast's Textures of Time Palast's Textures of Time Palast's Textures of Time Palast's Textures of Time Palast's Textures of Time Palast's Textures of Time


Palast (France) - Textures of Time (2014)

Palast Photographie was founded in 2005 by Julien Manigand, still life photographer working in Paris, France. Thierry Peureux, retoucher, joined him in 2011. Together they develop their activity on product photography, working with high-end brands such as Baccarat, Roger Vivier or Hennessy.

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can we just talk about how this always ends up happening somehow


I end up with 10+ tabs all the time

i end up with so many that they don’t even say tumblr they are just little squares.


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For the simple love of a good line, TWG would like to celebrate with Bill Mayer Studio TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA FROGS!

The origin of these mutant creatures comes from a series of radioactive business pitches for Y&R New York. These fun experiments feature flat graphics and bold blocking in deep blacks and brilliant whites.

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